ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Online Practice Round, 2014.

i havent got any login id.
how to participate in ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Online Practice Round, 2014.

You can give them a call at (022) - 30797709 or can write to them at to get your problem sorted out soon.
But i would suggest you to call them! Because they may not look into mails right now!

Please make it as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

i tried calling…is this contest only for registerd acm users?can’t normal codechef users participate?

Yes,contest is only for registered users.

OOPS! I thought you registered for ICPC! :smiley: Yea This is a practice contest for ICPC Kanpur regionals! ICPC means-International Collegiate Programming Contest. It is okay! You register next year! And then you can particiapte. This is a team event-3 members!

thank you.I will definately
try next year.

@aa1992: If you got your doubt cleared can you please accept the answer so that we can close this question?