ACM ICPC ........ Doubt

According to me, acm icpc is a team contest. But in THIS ranklist individuals have participated.
Can someone explain what really happened? And teams were not in the ranklist

That was a Replay Contest…not an actual one.

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can u tell the difference?

Its just a mirror competition of the actual ICPC regionals, just like you have virtual contest for codeforces

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It was a practice contest after the original ICPC.

they y some people have that rank in their resume?

You might be talking about the ranks they got in actual regionals not in these replays .

no. i know a guy who has this round’s rank in his linkeidn


That is the regional rank not this one!!

people literally post ranks after cheating
so its not bad if someone has a rank from practice round

Do you mind checking my Linkedin again ? It is not Kolkata nor it is rank 64 as the rank list that you attached shows :slight_smile:


@striver_79 I’m sorry. I was not trying to insult u or anything. i only have a confusion about that so only. Glad that u r back in codechef :star_struck: :partying_face: