ACM-ICPC online (pre regional) round registration issue

I’m sorry if this is a stupid query, but in the registration page for the online round it says it’s mandatory to give school’s name, email etc, but I’m from college and I’ve registered in the ICPC baylor site and selected my preferred regional site etc. Do I need to separately register for the online round? If yes, what do I fill in the school details section? My college details?

The page you are looking at is the page for ICPC for School students. For college students, first your coach registers your team on and then visit and go to the website of the regional site you applied and complete the payment and other formalities(specially in case of kolkata-kanpur site). Then after all that the status of your team must be accepted on the baylor website.

And you must be very quick. As deadline of registration is approaching

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Okay, thanks. I paid the fees and everything, in the baylor site it shows my team status as ‘accepted’. Do I need to do anything else? I mean the prelim would be on codechef and in all codechef team contests I’ve participated in, you needed to register for that (on codechef) and create a team on here.

No, You would be provided an username and password before contest.