ACM ICPC Regionals registration

We had created a team from our college in Amritapuri Regionals. But the status remains “ileligible” ? Though we had completed all registration, some values in our profile remains ‘null’. Can anyone help me.

you and your all team members and coach should complete all field from all tabs that are
General info
Degree info
Contact info
profile picture

still you have problem then click on symbol next to Eligibility
for that make sure you login from coach account.

my team is facing the same problem. i even sent a mail to and they said that it will take some more time (probably by the first week of october) to change your status from pending to eligible as they need to get the payment details from bank.

my team was eligible for the contest and why do the status is still getting the pending
how many days it takes to get the status confimred?

Thank you.But still our status is “Pending”.

i am also facing that problem my status is pending from 1 day;
i completed all steps if you get solution plz tell me