ACM-ICPC Regionals

Is it worth spending money for going to ACM-ICPC regionals when you know that you won’t be able to make it to the finals?.

Buddy, the regional tag alone can boost your resume prestige and regionals visit are limited to college years, so one won’t ever get the chance again.

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But by the time I’ll add it to my resume most of the companies would have already conducted their tests as I am in third year now and planning whether to taking part it in next year or not. And I already wasted this year’s online test’s fee.

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Ya I agree they should not take fee from us because it hinders education part they take almost 2000-3000 per team in online rounds

they take 900-1000 per team per regional afaik.

for 2 regionals
multiply 1000*2 + additional bank charges…

I haven’t paid any bank charges.