Acronyms - Python

Solve the question

abbre = input().split()
for i in range(len(abbre)):
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Hope this isn’t from an ongoing contest

l = list(map(str,input().split()))
l = [i[0] for i in l]
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No brother, This is part of my learning. Not involved in any contests as of now.

@dazlersan1 @anon54832715 @yuvsaha123

Thanks for helping out.

can one of you please go through my another post!?
need help with the temperature conversion code

I don’t think these problems require assistance.

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Hey buddy try to solve a problem as much as you can and then ask for assistance. Don’t do like this. We are here to assist you.

Try to solve as much as you can and ask whenever you got stuck

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Yes, Thank you. :blush:

just started my learning in python.

babysteps level.