ADAROKS2 testcases

Can any one explian the test case for following problem

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N is 100
so there is a 100x100 board and you need to place at least 8N i.e 800 rooks on it
such that no four rooks will form a rectangle
in the output they have given just top left 4x4 part of board. Rest of the output is not given.
Hence you need to print complete board and not like they have shown in the sample test case

yes, it would be funny if someone submits a code that outputs something like sample output :slight_smile:
We don’t want to fill your screen with strange characters. It was intended that contestants must discover how to fill the remaining characters.


you should give some more output to this problem

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It would reveal the answer to the problem .So the question setter cropped it . It is an interesting problem .The questions of this MAY long is very good . Problem setter worked very hard.


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