ADD and divide issue

i saw some of the successful submissions of ADD AND DIVIDE and they used O(N^(1/2)) for it … why is this not giving TLE … because T=10^5 and O(N^(1/2)) if all no are of order 10^9 will give us 10^(4.5) … total it will be 10^(9.5) which must give tle …is the system test weak or what ?

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Most of the solutions submitted TLE on T = 100000, a = 982451653 and b = 982451653 (Basically any prime larger than the Sieve length).

For the given constrains , you should use an O(cbrt(n)) decomp

Ig, That’s not issue. As that number will itself be prime if it does not have any prime factors less than length of seive.
In my case. A break statement solved TLE issue.
TLE : Solution: 51719426 | CodeChef
AC : Solution: 51719463 | CodeChef Break on line 44