ADD TO MY LIST option in codechef?

I was just wondering why there isn’t any ADD TO MY LIST option in codechef(Like TODO list in spoj)?
I think it’d be really nice to add this feature. Suppose, when I’m solving a problem,for any reason I had to close codechef,later when I will reopen codechef, I’ve to remember the problem code or prblem name. It’d be really nice to add this.
Thanq :slight_smile:


Really it will be a good feature. +1

Indeed it will be great feature, they could also let us create our own list so that we can group problems for future reference.

It will be out soon.


Im +1 for this. Moreover I think there is no proper way to go to the practice/ contest area from the discuss section. Would be nice if there is one. Thanks for the brilliant site anyway

Yea,dat’s also a good idea. connecting forum with the main page…

Yea,that’d be really nice.