Admins please answer

will ther be any long challenge for div 2 or 1 ever?

I think and i want it to be no as the the answer!


Better be No!!!But the long challenge crowd would clamber on cookoff && lunchtime and things would still be the same(almost).I don’t think its the proper way out(per. opinion).

Probably not any sooner, Lol.

your soultion for BNSONSTR is matching with 1000 other solutions .

so u want long challenge to be rated so that u can cheat better??


these people are here only to cheat

why are u so sad ?
because u will not be able to cheat ??
ur solutons for may challenge matches with hundred other solutions


u just stuffed ur solution with random variable names just to escape MOSS
can this guy be plagged for stuffing ??

Who are you to accuse me of cheating?
I had changed variable names as a suggestion by a senior as he had his ratings dropped due to fake plagariam calls.
Your solution to WAV2 is almost 99% same as these
Your Solution

lol atleast one of them is not same with mine

I want to know which senior told you to write such big variable names


Leave it man, you also know and I also why you have written variables like this


I don’t remember the solution link , I saw one solution (not in june cook off , earlier I saw this ) having the functions name like this -

yahitakthajotha(n)     // some init method
iskeaagekhatrahai //upperbound
tejchalo   //fastIO



utilization of time