Adobe analytics integration with adobe target

I have a question around how typical adobe analytics and adobe target integration works and how the data connection between the two systems. Basically I don’t believe my integration is working as intended based on the following things I experience in adobe analytics.

A customer can be part of an adobe target test without ever visiting the page of the test. Requiring additional filtering in adobe analytics to remove this visit which never makes it to the a/b test page.

After a test is ended adobe analytics continues to track visits to the test after it has been ended or paused. Requiring additional filtering to make sure we only look at the correct time frames in our adobe analytics data.

I have never experienced this with any other a/b testing tool I have worked with over 5 a/b testing tools now so I really doubt this is the intended experience adobe has created in it product but I wanted to check with others.

The following post shall answer your question

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Here’s the main points

Fewer silos and smarter actions

Real data-driven optimization of your website

Reduced IT redundancies

Better Analytics and Target integration

Better Analytics and Target integration

Though the whole post revolves around your question, this topic seems to be THE ONE
In the past, organizations have blended Analytics and Target capabilities with a client-side integration, using a Javascript file to pass values between the two solutions in a browser. If your organization was one of them, you might have seen mismatching metrics due to the variance that occurs when collecting data in two separate systems.

Analytics for Target is a server-side, back-end integration that takes the risk out of client-side latency by leveraging your existing Adobe Analytics implementation and collecting all required data. It replaces the legacy, client-side Test&Target-to-SiteCatalyst plug-in that was formerly used.

Drive Adobe Experience Cloud ROI even further

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