Adobe shecodes interview

Any girl completed adobe shecodes interview 2020 ? If yes, pls do share your experience…


I am shortlisted for the interview, but they haven’t contacted yet for the interview

@poojitha_792 are you talking about the product internship interview?

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@jappu123 has ur interview completed?

Not yet. Received mail more than a month ago :frowning:

@jappu123 @poojitha_792 has the interview been conducted?

when does shecodes usually occur? like the month. If anyone has any idea

Save this somewhere. This list contains all the programmes.

Opportunities for women only ( Currently in 3rd or 2nd Year )

:pushpin: Girlscript summer of code

:pushpin: Codejam io for women

:pushpin: Women specific code sprints

:pushpin: + Hack@Home by Atlassian- aug to sept

:pushpin: She codes by indeed-august -nov

:pushpin: Outreachy - Aug & Feb

:pushpin: DevelopHER -July

:pushpin: Google step - dec

:pushpin: Microsoft codess - feb

:pushpin: American express makeathon -feb

:pushpin: Amazon wow - April

:pushpin: Visa code your way - nov

:pushpin: Adobe codiva

:pushpin: Linkedin wintathon

:pushpin: Scholarships

:pushpin: Girls who code -10th -12th

:pushpin: Society of women engineers - 1st and 2nd

:pushpin: Google wtm - 1st and 2nd - march

:pushpin: Women who code mentorship-1st dec

:pushpin: Adobe women in tech - aug

:pushpin: Google Women Techmakers Engineering Fellows (WTEF)-1st year

:pushpin: Grace hoper scholarship

:pushpin: Intuit women mentorship programme

:pushpin: Goldman sachs women mentorship programme


yeah i gave it but its been 25 days now and i didn’t heard back. The process is too slow :frowning:

@janvi006 Was it for product intern?

Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

Not yet!!

Can you please share interview process and questions asked by the interviewer?


difference between heap and bst
1 question on string using recursion only.
OOPS concepts
discussion on project
Time Complexties of sorting algorithms

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so you got selected ?


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oh great congrats…
When was your interview held and when did you hear back from them?

does anybody know if the interviews are still going on!?
Like it’s February n there’s no info regarding the interview