Alert! Report this telegram channels immediately

I have found some telegram channels openly selling long challenge solutions and other monthly contests(lunchtime/cook-off) solutions during ongoing live contests. I request every sincere and serious competitive programmers to report such channels on telegram and if you find out such channels/groups by yourselves please report them and tell everyone to do the same. I also request @admin to look into this matter. Thank you.


Nice going now everyone will join these groups

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Only cheap coders will join these groups :slightly_smiling_face:


True bro

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Too a large extent I AGREE :slight_smile:

If you don’t have problem with people joining these groups, since they are cheap coders than why do you have any problem with whatever goes on in these groups :sneezing_face:.
Why don’t people understand that these telegram groups have such large number of members solely because other people keep on advertising this.Most of the people never had heard of telegram, but who tells them that there is an app called telegram where there is cheating going on in certain groups and even the links of those groups is given to them. Remember there is no such thing as bad publicity. :roll_eyes:

Please flag this post it’ll only promote cheating, and @debjitpal5040 if you’re so concerned about cheating then kindly mail it to

Kindly report at