AlgoShots is hiring!

Here , at AlgoShots our goal is to make competitive programming journey & coding interviews easy. We started off by creating a learning section where all the budding competitive programmers can learn all standard algorithms. Though the learning section is not yet over , we believe we are ready to move to next stage.
Now , we are going to upload 50 questions of each rating on codeforces starting from 700 to 2000 rating and even further in future. We all know that editorials of codeforces are not so beginner friendly and we want to solve this problem permanently. Our end goal is to make a student capable enough to solve problems in coding contests as well as understand the editorials of codeforces , so that they do not need to be dependent on YouTube videos. This as you can might already know is a time consuming process.

We are happy to announce that we are #hiring interns for the position of technical content writer for duration of 1 month.

Role of intern :
This is a part time internship where one have to solve 2 problems of codeforces according to capable ratings and create the article for the same with detailed explanation.

Benefits to the interns :
1)Since you will be actually solving the problem of codeforces with detailed explanation , your concepts will get better and implementation skills gets boosted.
2) As a side-benefit you get stronger in content writing skills.
3) Exposure to adaptability & organization skills.
4) You will be given certificate at the end of 30 days.
5) Best Performance of Interns get Personal LinkedIn Recommendations.
6) A chance to contribute to competitive programming community.(to all the newbies and pupils ).

Skills Required :

  1. Strong knowledge in Datastructure & Algorithms.
  2. Experience at Competitive Programming.
  3. Must be atleast pupil on Codeforces or 3 star on Codechef or equivalent on other platforms as well.

Students interested! Apply here :

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