Why most of the contest rated for div 3? please increase the rated contests for all


Yeah, I agree. There are only 2 rated contests for div 1/2 on CC, whereas CF does nearly 10-15 contests in a month!

Why is CC not increasing it’s number of contest for div 1/2 ??
Well, if the reason is cheating during contests, then making the contest unrated for div 1/2 would not help anyways, instead they should bring MOSS back into action.

Ultimately, this would decrease the number of active users in div 1/2, as we’ve to wait too much for the next rated contest.


I think you should also take into consideration about the quality of Problems.I Personally feel that the problems which are present in short contest are of high quality and has a good mixture(in terms of data structure and application of algorithms) while the Problems on Codeforces are of different taste.
Coming to the part why not more contest, It really takes great amount of time to come up with a decent problems for contest.I personally feel that by increasing the number of problems if the quality of the problem degrades then I would stick to the current situation.
I Just wanted to express my thoughts and I didn’t meant any harm to anyone :smiley:
I really don’t want to talk anything about cheating because I really don’t care if someone cheats or not it’s simply their choice.

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Bruhh, as of now, you’re enjoying 4 contests in a month. That’s much nicer!

Secondly, I agree that the quality of problems is slightly better, but if that is taking CC longer time to make contests, then I guess increasing the writers could be a solution, which will ofc take some time, but eventually we will get more problems and hence more contests, with preserving the “quality”.

How one can increase writers?

You need to know one thing , Authors of the problems are not hired , Authors are people like you and me ( or better than both of us ) who contribute the problem . Yeah Sometimes some very easy problem are made by Admins but those problems are maximum time the first 2 or 3 Problems of Div 3.

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You can go and upsolve other previous contests virtually here Contests - Virtual Judge


Obviously, I’m not member at CC, so I can’t propose a real solution, but I request CC admins to do something over it.

The current problem is that there is a very big gap between next month’s rated contests (also LONG became unrated for div 3, so now it’s like another practice problem set) and a very little gap between cookoff and lunchtime. These uneven gap causes discontinuity.

Maybe CC should introduce 1-2 new contests rated for div 1/2 (maybe only for div 1/2 to avoid mess for div 3, as LONG is also there) and also even the gap between contests.

In the optimal situation, we’ll be having rated contests at interval of 7-10 days, which is much better situation for div 1/2. :slight_smile:

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I think Codechef is more popular for its long challenge than any other contest. So they should bring back MOSS to prevent any type of copy and cheating in long

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Hmm, I agree with it.