Allotment of seats in ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regionals

Does anybody have any idea of how the seat allotment procedure will go for Amritapuri site? This year Amritapuri site has only 250 seats. If we see last year’s stats, there were 251 distinct colleges(who solved at least 1 question) after which merit based seat allotment started. Does this mean that this time there will be no merit based allotment and only the first ranking team from each college will be selected?


yaa if that is the case then only first ranking team from each college will be selected.

As written in the official site, Top team from each institution is selected in the first round. If there are vacant slots, the teams are selected based on their rank such that not more than 10 teams are selected from any one institution.


This time, the number of unique colleges for amritapuri is approximately 290 (i scraped the data in baylor site). So considering at max 40 colleges did not solve any question at all, this year it’s only one team per college :frowning:


This is not justified at all if ACM is concerned with representation from maximum colleges rather than best teams irrespective of their college name.


Hello, I believe there’s some sort of slab on the number of “college first” teams that are selected. I don’t think they can arbitrarily send in all such teams, over the ones who have performed much better than them. If that’s the case, it really is sad and pathetic.


Why can they not allot seats at one site(Amritapuri) completely on the basis of merit and others the way they want to.I guess this will give atleast 1 chance to the deserving and also help to popularize the sport in the country.I think atleast 1 site should be fixed for merit based selection.
Advantages -

  1. Teams for the world finals wont be affected.
  2. Good teams will get atleast 1 chance to qualify to regionals and even if they still dont(dont get in top 250, i dont think they will have any complaints).
  3. New colleges also will get 1 chance to qualify to regionals.
  4. This better than two chances to new/weak teams and none to the deserving teams.
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I won’t say anything against this as this is what has been listed on ICPC website from the beginning. But this time because of Amritapuri seats getting reduced to 250. 2nd/3rd ranked teams from Colleges like IITR having 30 odd rank may not qualify and a team with 2000 or so rank participating alone from a college solving one problem might qualify.

Its so ironic how we want to find greatness within teams and at the same time promoting mediocrity.


This is seriously disheartening and unfair. I’ve lost all my interest in ICPC after reading this.


Lol, that ICPC popularization… As usual :slight_smile: Trying to promote competitive programming in tier3 colleges among people who don’t want to practice and invest their time into it, and losing much stronger teams (for this contset in particular and for competitive programming in general) instead.

Reminds of “1 team per university, 2 finals per person” ICPC rules.


@lebron it is really sad. My friend from a reputed college solved 4 problems but won’t qualify for regionals because someone from his college solved all 5. Me being from a not-so-good college qualified(most probably) by solving only 3 questions. And yes, this is really sad. No doubt that my friend would have solved more questions than me in the regionals :\ but again, popularization rules :expressionless:


umm since the last two years, that was the case. I assume that this will happen this year too, people solving a single problem might get selected too!

This year too many things related to icpc online round is a lot different than previous years(question pattern, internal errors, math stackexchange issue, inclusion of new regional sites, no India finals and maybe many more).
So, it might not be the case this year ! Not sure though. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

things are same, just slots reduced and a new site introduced, and india finals was just a tryout last year, whichc they discontinued this year, since some teams would’ve got 3 chances.

Agree! Or keep those sites as it is. And start a new sites with merit based rule