Alohomora teammate needed

Is anyone willing to join me for alohomora team challenge. I would prefer a teammate somewhere around my skill level, as I do not want to feel like a burden. Please reply to this thread, or message me on my codeforces account “Everule”, if you are interested.
You can also use this thread to find teammates for yourself if you wish to do so.


Can I join? I am not around your level and I am not so skilled like you. But I am so much interested.

Does someone else need a teammate? I don’t have a team yet.

@everule1 I’m ready to join you, is it okay? My rating isn’t so good.
Or is anybody else interested in joining with me?

You can join my team if you want.

Sure, once @everule1 confirms. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry, but I would prefer someone closer to my skill level.

Oh okay, no problem, so then if @ifrunruhin is okay, can I join you?

I sent you a message on codeforces.

@anon22300225 of course. you can contact me here:

You can tell me if you wish to add me as a team member.

I want to join your team. Add me if you want

Does anyone still have a spot left?

@anon40864956 Yes. my team require 1 member

isn’t @anon22300225 already on your team?

No, I think he is not active now. because, he didn’t reply.

iam a starter in programming…i also interested

Mailed you @ifrunruhin

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@anon22300225 mail received. I replied your mail.

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@anon40864956 should I? do you want to take me as teammate? then please contact me or please tell me how I can contact you.