Already in need of Guidence of you guys

Hello guys,
I just joined CodeChef, before that I didn’t know much about competitive programming.
here I am being exposed to the new to the mind-blowing concepts and practice problems.

In the practice problem, I started with cakewalk (seemed easy) but I get stuck at these problems also (after 2,3 questions).

It would be very helpful if there is a road map on which topics to solve and which contest to take parts in.
the bottom line is I need to improve Myself with your help guys :confused:
It would be great if u can comment below or just message me :hugs:

PS: I know about very basic algorithms (like sieve, stl in c++, maths, number theory) :upside_down_face:

Thank You
Happy codding guys!

Read the full thing :

Solve Beginners problem from practice session which are solved by many programmers, If you stuck for more than 10 min then try to read editorials.

Take part in AtCoder’s Beginner Contests, Long Challenge, Cookoff, Lunch time and try to solve at least first 1 or 2 problems. You can also try first 1 or 2 problems from the Codeforces Div-3 contest. But don’t ask your doubt on Codeforces, they got a very rude and negative community.

My personal thought about Number theory: If you know that you know number theory then you don’t know number theory. (It’s my personal thinking).

congrats Mr candidate master!!

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Thank you so much for the link .

Thanks for the information hello_hell. :hugs:

I have tried codeforces div3 but can’t solve more than 1 problem (sometimes 2)
I will take part in the CodeChef contest onwards.