Alternative and more effective sites for Interview Prep than Leetcode?

Hello Everyone,

I am using Leetcode and Codechef, platform for FANG interview prep , but most of the question have been moved to premium section as of now and we don’t have much visibility of those problems.

Could someone please share alternative to prepare best for coding rounds at FANG.

Thanks. has a decent collection of problems and their contests are pretty good too imo.


Thanks a lot for suggesting such a great resource. I found it quite great and well curated.

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Geeksforgeeks is also a good resource there u can find the particular tags for company which u need there are minimum 100 questions on every topic out there. And it also has mentioned under which time complexity u have to submit.
But one problem is sometimes the difficulty mentioned is not correct. Say joining two sorted linked lists is mentoined under medium difficulty and some real hard DP questions under easy.


LintCode is also good : LintCode 炼码


looks like same as leetcode .

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Thanks for sharing it. It looks just the replica of leetcode but it has some premium question as well taken from leetocode.

Thanks for sharing the gem.

Found one more new site , It has all the company wise curated question.