Am I going in the right way?

Which is better

Why don’t you explore both of them and choose one where you’re are interested in?


This is entirely upto you…if you are interested in design or building apis or web apps (what i mean by “interested” is that you enjoy doing those) then web development might be your thing.But if you like solving problems or puzzle or like to compete with others or good in mathematics and logic and eager to apply them in programming then you should do CP . What you should do is entirely upto your own taste as both fields are good and worth doing.


Both thigs are good. But the important thing is your interest. You should know what you are intersted in. cp or wd.the pluse point of cp are You got a better job opportunitise through cp as well as a lot of competition on codechef. hakerearth, etc. are conducted which gives price money.

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