Am I the only one who struggle alot in Nov lunchtime 2020

Div2 Q1: 5 penalty
Div2 Q2: 4 penalty


Share your views :slightly_frowning_face:

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1 penalty on both 1 and 2 each
but still rank 80 till now

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Div 1 was very unbalanced lol (325 > 32 > 20 > 8 > 5)

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Need 300 iq to solve these problems :frowning:


:joy: ikr

This was my first contest on codechef and I did
Q1 complete
Q2 could not even find apporach
Q3 partial solution until subtask 1 (bruteforce trivial)
Q4 could not even find approach
Q5 partial solution until subtask 1 (bruteforce trivial)
But the questions were still easier than codeforces 3rd division contest XD

Are you sure about your last point?

Have you gone nuts? Seems like you know nothing about cp. This contest was way way harder than div3 of codeforces.

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i enjoyed solving xorcomp irrespective of division :frowning:

I felt these questions are more suited for the long marathon challenge rather than lunchtime :face_with_head_bandage:

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I participated in cf round 686 div 3 and I was able to solve only the first 2 questions. It was harder for me. idk abt you guys

Tbh I feel like div1 should be 2000+ in codechef


No, you are definitely not alone in your struggle, I did struggle as well.
Solved only one problem. Had an implementation for the rook problem but couldn’t debug it in time. For the fraction problem, no idea how to approach that.

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There were like only 15-20 submissions from 2nd problem in div1,when I checked who solved them…they all were LGMS. I dont know how high was the difficulty gradient.

Yeah, I feel like I’m too bad for div 1 lol

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But today it was Rather too slow for division 1
:rofl: :rofl:

I also struggled a lot. Div1 difficulty gradient was just brutal.

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Always has been :laughing: