Amazon 6 month Internship Test

I gave amazon test on 13 November 2021. Anybody got any mail from amazon about test passing and interview schedule.

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Not yet! how many questions did you solved?

I solved everything

When did you gave the test?

13th nov

Which position did you applied for ?

It was for 6 month SDE internship

wait for at least 7-10 days…
I gave mine on 13th oct and got the mail for next round on 22nd oct.

Can you share your interview experience? please.

I would say doing questions asked in amazon will do the job. I was asked insert delete get random and one question based on dequeue(never saw it but similar to find largest element in a stream).
then in 2nd round, a senior guy came and discussed on the projects and the gave me a question on complete binary search tree, I had not seen the question and what he wanted was a bit confusing, I could not give him the solution which he was expecting. I did not get the internship but one of my friends got it. (This is the question - Amazon 6M intern Technical Round Question - LeetCode Discuss). I hope it helps. Good luck


Thank you , It will be very help full.

bro , what is the procedure for applying in amazon, can you please tell me ?

Can you share the question.

Have you got any response from them?

you guys are getting a test link ?

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can you please provide questions (if not exact then similar ones)

did you received anything from amazon.

I solved everything but didn’t got anything till now

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Hi, are the results of interview announced? did you get the rejection mail?
Even I gave both of my rounds on 26th Nov, they went well but I haven’t heard from them after that…does it means that I am rejected?

What was your OA date?