is it genuine mail of Amazon?

Got a survey mail from this” address for 6M internship can anybody tell it is genuine mail or not?

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Did you received any update after that email?

Am also received same survey mail nov-5th and nov10th After No updates that mail.

am received updated one.

when the test is?

when did you received the reply, the updated one for test.
and also when did you received the first mail regarding survey.

just wanted to know is everyone receiving all mail at same time or there is some diff.

I received first mail on 10Nov which said everyone will receive an update on 17th Nov regarding candidacy.
But didn’t get any.

Received to me on the same date>(regarding canidacy).
2021 Batch,
82+ percentage (10th to PG ) ,
Did not attend any Amazon interviews,
But result Ineligible.(got mail today 7.30pm).

do not know what is happening.
I seems to be eligible, 2021 batch, also eligible by CGPA, not attended any interview.
But didn’t got any mail regarding even candidacy.
they said on 17Nov.

its 18 today.
Don’t know how much time it takes.

Yeah same, eligible in all criteria (2021, available for internship, didn’t try at amazon before, 9 cgpa) . But I got a mail today at 7:30 pm that I am ineligible.

You applied via referal ??

I asked amazon about the email, They saying its fake. I also received the mail from this. As it was from I thought its real.

where did you asked, what’s the email.

i got the mail last night stating i was ineligible.

you can tag amazon on twitter with this email. They will reply.

Didn’t you receive any test link?
Many students 1st got mail of ineligible and then receive 2nd mail also having the test link.

Don’t know why its happening

No bro! I got only ineligible mail.

Yesterday I got two mails .
1st mail stating that I’m ineligible . (7.30 pm)
2nd mail stating that I’m eligible and also provided me the test link which is going to happen on 22nd of this month . (11.40 pm)
So I think for those who got ineligible there might be two reasons -
1.) You didn’t filled the form correctly.
2.) You might get the new email providing you with link for the test (just be patient).
PS : For those who got the test link All The Best Guys and GL :blush:

same with me but my test link will be provided on 22 at 3pm and they said start as you receive because test window will close at 8:00pm.
Have you applied through referral?