Amazon Off Campus internship

Can anyone tell me how to apply for amazon off campus internship.
I am pursuing BTech and currently in my 7th semester.

Could not find resources for 2019 on Google so anyone please help ???


Please do not mark the post as spam I request everyone.
I need help in urgency.

I dont understand why people are flagging this post. Whats the issue here, atleast whoever flagged it, explain the reason in the comments.


Try looking in GeeksforGeeks and past coding questions of Amazon on hackerearth rounds!
(PS: I don’t know it’s flagged either)

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Some people don’t want neither to help other people nor allow anyone else to help them. I think they fear that one day he/she could overtake him so better push him down every time.

Neither codechef takes care of such cases they only sees if 5-6 flags remove the post.

Some people have a habit of opening the forum and flagging each and every post.
DAILY ROUTINE, can’t help!!!

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bro , update your linked in profile and reach out to recruters through linked in and ask them for internships oppertunity

apply on their website carrear page …if there will be …best of luck

amazon aws have 38 software development open position for banglore location apply there …amazon aws …

for internships i have just seen on amazon student program for internships they have 2 open position apply fast …just 2 internposition have … here is link

amazon internships link here is

best of luck have joy and fun crack this and have great future and carear

and even try linked in contact amazon recuters directly for internships and update linked in profile bro …


here is preparation link