Amazon OffCampus online assement test for SDE1 role

Hey guys.
I just want to know which kind of question is generally asked to code in Amazon OffCampus online assessment test how difficult that test is? for SDE1 role

check Hackerearth/practice/interview. they have sample FAANG interview questions.
or can also find related questions on LEETCODE.
linK → HackerEarth | Online coding platform and developer assessment software

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Anyone from 21 batch, who got the assessment mail


thank you

Idk if they will entertain 2021 batch I applied a long ago cleared all questions but interview is on hold I don’t know when they will be contacting again maybe after 6 months from graduation

can you suggest me some problem to practice for this assesment

Mainly Graphs,Trees BFS,DFS and some DP would be fine