Amazon Preparation

A Thread on how to prepare for Amazon!!


Bro, how did you get the referal? Can you please share the process?

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Did you appear for coding round/interviews? Please share your experience

Can you share how you approached them or what message did you send?

Thank you.

Even I got the referral 20 days ago for SDE -intern role, but still did not receive any test link . So I would say don’t have high hopes.

so you got offer or not ?

Same here

Why you have deleted it bro? Please share your experience. We won’t use it for wrong purposes

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i was just asking here how to prepare for amazon given that i already have employee referral with me . For getting referral i had messaged 30-40 amazon SDE-1,2 on linkedin giving summary of my achievements and job id i wish to get referred to. That’s all.


Nothing bad in that. We can just keep this thread to discuss about amazon internship updates.
Just changed the description and its done.

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yes but i thought it’s going personal.

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Yes, even 1*/2*/3* can get referrals, all you need is good connections with Amazon employees on linkedin . I know a 2* guy who has been referred 4 weeks ago.

Don’t try to humiliate people on the basis of their ratings.


I am happy you are 2*. your thinking matches with that. You are not less than a joke in yourself. Jaake dekh linkedin pe 3* are selected for SDE intern at Amazon recently. Knowledge matters, star to telegram group ke help se bhi laa rhe hai log.


I totally agree with you, 3 star guys are getting selected as SDE in Amazon, knowledge, luck and grinding leetcode matters :stuck_out_tongue:


true, but the guy above specifically mentioned that he talked about his achievements…i would like to know what they are, cause all I can see is a plagiarism mark in his profile that lifted his rating to 4 stars



See, I will try to be logical here . Truth of the matter is, when you ask someone on linkedin to refer you, they don’t check the rating graph deeply , they just verify if your rating/stars are exactly what you said(in most cases, even that is not verified, but eventually you can get caught in interview if you lie.) . Also, almost >50% people working at Amazon are not high rated cp users so they don’t go much into deep checking of your Codechef or Codeforces profile . So even good normal achievements are fine if you know how to convince a person for referral .

And yea, about me, I never have to worry about plag in my entire life as I only give short contests , which are mostly plag free <3 <3

Also, I am CM on codeforces so that helped me for my referral :slight_smile:


Check clearly I have been four star multiple times because of long as well as short challenges performance. Apart from that I have a good enough development background so, that counts in my achievements.

Most illogical line of the decade.

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