Amazon SDE I Opportunity, Thread for Tips, Questions, Experience and everything

You can ask questions, share your experience from previous and recent Online assessments here in this thread.
I would request to all the Geeks who have appeared even once to please share your experience.



Hey, have u received the test link for Amazon 2021 grad hiring ?

got test link on june 1. There were 2 coding questions of easy-medium difficulty and work-style assessment. We also had to explain our approach and run time complexity of both questions.I solved both the questions optimally and waiting for result now.


Did you get the results?

not yet man :frowning:


Have anyone got interviewed?


they will take time dont worry since every solution is read by programmers and not machine so it will take time. Good luck tho :slight_smile:

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i see, thank you <3

Any updates?

Got a mail yesterday that i had cleared online assessment, took almost 2 months for the mail to come.

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Hey, I am from tier 3 college , How can I apply for 2021 drive for Amazon ? Can you please provide me the link for the same!