American express CAMPUS - CODE STACK19 in Techgig

Did anyone got the link for the next round which was active from 14th Oct to 16th Oct. If you have taken the challenge, could you please tell me the questions and I also want to know when are they going to announce the shortlisted candidates for the next round?

I got a mail, but I didn’t have the time to take the test

Yes…I gave on 15th…but wait many people also gave on 18th and more… Actually they divide into slots after that they give final result

I also got the link, gave the test on 14th. Even I want to know when are they going to announce the results

This is the second time I have qualified the coding round of American Express on hackerearth . Never got any interview call . So I think that is fake or they take interviews of very less candidates.


I agree. How can they select randomly when they don’t even know weather the random person selected has taken help or not. They’d end up shortlisting all those candidates who took help rather than the one’s who are actually deserving. I personally think that this way of shortlisting when a person can give test anytime between 2-3 days is actually bullshit.


Yes correct , koi test ek month Tak chalao fr kisi ko mail bhejo kisi ko nhi…or jinko bhejre ho to same question sabko Even hamare clg me aayi thi American Express only for girls exactly wahi q. Mere aaye or Baki sabke same …PTA nhi Kya chahti h company.

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Do you guys mean the test on codility ??

American express is famous for hosting fake contest in hackerearth…it conducts more than 3 contests for the same intern position but do not select one from them (or some may be).


Yes @i_64

Achha sirf girls, vahi mein sochu ki pune mein achhe achhe colleges chhod ke American express sirf girls college mein hi kyu placement ke liye gayi thi