Amritapuri ACM ICPC Result

Does anyone has an idea, when will Amritapuri be declaring the result for onsite round? They have updated their website and asked for a 3250+ payment per team by 20th Nov. But no link for results is given

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I think it would be announced pretty soon. A separate rank-list of amritapuri site is announced at . However its not been done for other regional sites of india yet.


It will be out tomorrow.

From their site:
“7th November: We have published the standings officially under ICPC Bayor Site. The list of selected teams will be published tomorrow. Please find the rule of selection here. We will try our level best to allot Coimbatore site to those teams hailing from northern India and Amritapuri site to the others hailing from the southern part of India.”


Search this forum. xD