Android App Development or Web Development

Which one will be better Android App Development or Web Development to learn?

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There are many popular technologies for web frontend like React, Angular, Vue. But currently React is very popular than others.

Advantages of web :-

  • You can easily host your website for free on hosting site like heroku, netlify, github pages, amazon web services (atleast free for one year ). So you can show your project to others easily unlike phone apps, users have to download first then only they will able to see , which many people don’t do whereas in case of web, you can provide a link like this. And they can see your project without any installation which is highly convenient.
  • In case of mobile phone apps, if you change your UI and anything, user have to install new update everytime whereas in case of web you can change anything without creating any inconvenience for user. (See the hackerrank new update) I will also tell you plot twist for that😈 see in the last.
  • If you want to give mobile like experience to user using web app, you can create “Progressive Web App” (PWA). so that user can install you web app on destop or in phone. (See this discussion forum is also PWA, you can see install button (+) on link bar).

As i said if you change UI in mobile app then user have to install new update on his phone to see the changes but Did you ever notice wherever new phone launches or flipkart big billion day comes how flipkart changes its UI in the app without you to install new update everytime same applied for amazon app. here is the reason :- Amazon uses webview in most part of its app whereas Flipkart renders the app UI using their own layout engine called Proteus.
You can read more about it here

App lovers please don’t hate me, this is just my opinion - I like web development but i know both. And i will suggest you to try different technologies and then you decide which one do you really like the most :wink:.