Android vs Web what should i do..?

Android development vs web development

with what should i go with…?

I am 2nd year student and very confused plzz help guys…

Android Development VS Web Development | Ground reality in India - YouTube

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i had same confusion!
but i choose Web because in here i will be working with fontend,backend,apis,databases,etc.
so we can build a complete project and learn many things?

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I think the era is moving more rapidly in terms of android.
There are few points below:

  1. The number of android users are more than web users.
    2.The number of android users is increasing very faster than web users.
    3.People are switching to apps rather than web pages.
    4.In android you will be working with FrontEnd, BackEnd, API’s, Database, Networking etc.
    5.Apps are more reliable as well as easy to operate.
    6.Remember ! In modern era, People love to do any task in a more reliable way.
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Without any doubt, you should go for android development with react native you can create android and ios app by writing your code just once and your can write your code in javascript which is very simple than java, kotlin, etc… it has great documentation and very big community you will get the answer to any error that comes in your way.

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bro go for something you can carry on for long time ,get an overview of both from your college seniors,whatever attracts you go for that

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