Answer is correct but shows wrong answer.

When I use custom input it shows correct output,But when I submit it shows wrong answer.
Ans it is not clear if there should be space or not,I tried both cases but both show wrong answer.

Kindly refrain from asking questions related to a live contest.

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But I am new and this is my first contest.So please help me.

You want us to help you cheat?

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NO just tell me if its my problem or something wrong?
Is space after possible and impossible in the output there or not?
Nothing else

Spaces don’t matter. The checkers will consider

1      1

the same as

1 1

usually, unless the problem is special.

Okay thanks.

Is it okay if in sample output it shows 70 and i print 70.0?

Why would you have to print 70.0

because I need to use floats.

“sample output it shows 70”.
If the output is an integer, why do you want to print a float?

OK thanks I did it. : )

I am stuck in the same question.The answers are correct…but it still showing wrong answer.

There’s something very small for which you need to be careful. I’ll let you know after the contest :wink:

The link redirects to show “ACCESS DENIED”. is the problem from PCO1O2020?

It’s against CodeChef’s community guidelines to ask doubts related to live contest. Please don’t do so our your account may even get barred

cool :laughing: thanks in advance!

If you used pow() in C++, the answer is returned in scientific notation rather than an integer. That caused WA for me.

yeah probably the same issue would have been there for me! thankyou!!