Any last moment study/revision suggestions for ZCO? (1 day left)

Hi! As you might know, ZCO-2022 will take place on 19th December (Sun.) - that means leaving today, only 1 day remains. This is my first ever time appearing for ZCO, and I am a bit nervous & confused on what should I do (the last moment study/revision)…

Like what are the most important topics/concepts/algorithms etc. I should really consider revising instead of the whole syllabus…

Does anyone have any helpful advice/suggestion for me ? Thanks! : )

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I would really appreciate some suggestion/advice here as I am very nervous as this is my first attempt for ZCO :pensive: Thanks! : )

Don’t try to learn anything new.
Just revise what you know already.
Keep cool and calm and try to reach the centre by 1:00 PM
(I’m also giving ZCO this time :wink:)

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