Any updates regarding HackWithInfy round 2 result

It’s been over 20 days since we have given the Hack with infy round 2 conducted by Infosys. I haven’t received my result. Did anyone get the result? If not does anyone know when would it arrive?


wait you got your round 2 results? how many questions did you solve? @satwik_bhv1
And no I haven’t received any updates.

No I’ve not received any update yet.
Tell us about the results you got …

sorry, it was a typo I haven’t received the result. I fixed it now. By the way, I solved the last 2 questions. What about you?

sorry, it was a typo I haven’t received the result. I fixed it now.

It’s a request to edit the topic title to something like “Any updates regarding HWI round 2 result”.


I was just able to do the second question :disappointed:but regarding the results I even emailed them, but so far I haven’t got any response :disappointed:

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Don’t worry buddy it’s not same difficulty for all. There are still chances of you being qualified. yeah they aren’t responding.

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Same I was able to solve last two problems as first one was quite lengthy and harder than other two questions.

yeah it always happens. In fact my first question was more difficult than other 2 questions. It’s input format is weird.

Yeah true that !

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I solved the first two questions (50 & 75 marks). Is there any chance of me getting selected?

Firstly you have done excellent to reach where you are. As far as i know, There is still a chance that you being selected because it depends on the questions which you have solved, i think if your question was a relatively tough question which most others fail to solve you will get qualified. But in the other case it would be difficult because i have seen in most websites that we must solve 2 1/2 questions.
I would like to conclude by saying that don’t loose your hope even if you are not qualified because the effort you have put in to reach this stage will not be wasted, it will help you in some way or the other.

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hwi round 2 also happened on 10th june for student belonging to amphan effected i think it will take some time to publish result.

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@satwik_bhv1 set chesav ga !

Edo mi daya ra

the questions each person solves are different right??
there are differsnt sets… some recieved very difficult sums so they may normalize the scores

and this time i wasnt able to check how many final test cases were passed… after passing all the sampke test cases … when i clicked submit… it was showing a dialogue box saying… the code will be verified for many test cases please proceed further… did this happen with any of you?? or were u able to check how many of the total test cases u were able to solve??

@shinisuke_567 there was no error. Actually, there was a slight change in the round 2. The result of the final test cases was kept hidden.