Anyone able to successfully submit the solution for 'Tata CLiQ Backend Hiring Challenge'

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Anyone able to submit successfully the first challenge, I was getting runtime error due to input parsing, there is no error with the sample test, but when I submit it’s getting runtime error due to input error. I saw the error log instead of sending array size they are sending array. I took screenshots of the error and my code and informed hackerearth support team but they are saying there is no error with data.
I even wrote code in python just parsing the input but same error, please if anyone successfully completed please comment.

Hi, are you talking about the max power problem or max reward problem?

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I think he is talking about the max power question. The reason why you were getting RTE is because the input was coming differently for the rest of the test cases, it was coming in a single list and you need to take care of that. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify how the data would come even if you have written the right logic.

I was able to do both questions, there was no problem in any of them.

Hi everyone ,
I tried to solve the maximum reward problem . but got wrong answer.
sorted the array and took all the susbset of array size 3 . find the maximum of middle elements.
I know last step was wrong . Do we need to use dynamic programming or some algorithm. Could u please help me to solve the problem .
kindly correct me if am wrong

Do anyone got interview date fixed or something?

I solved both the questions, but did not shortlisted, because i have 0 experience

Ya… Experience aur doing both questions correctly are the basic criteria for shortlisting…
Nevertheless keep trying bro…:v:

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