Anyone facing lag in code chef submissions for QUARANTEST

My code has been running for the past 10 min


same here. I thought it was my connection

same here … @sushil_kisu

Yes, facing issues and facing issues as cannot submit solutions in ongoing contest QURANTEST : Contest Page | CodeChef

Kindly look into the matter asap : @admin

and most of questions are copied :shushing_face:


I highly doubt if that’s possible.

what the hell going on … one of contest setter is also submitting solution …lol

still cant submit :[

i first thought it was due to my internet connection then realised… :grin:

is it just me or APPLGAME problem just disappear? what’s going on here :sweat_smile:

Whoa !! drama is not yet over 2nd last problem APPLE GAME has been removed :laughing:

check announcements section

i know i am not alone

Site becomes irresponsive during short contests… codechef should upgrade this servers… they cant’t take heavy load…

@admin Are external contests using cloud-based checkers?

It was Coin change DP problem with different statement due to which they removed it I guess. Since coin change is a very famous problem.

Contest is over now. About 70-80 min before expected time.

Wtf happened! :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems they ended contest :frowning:

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It was supposed to end at 10pm. 70 mins from now.