Anyone facing problem in codechef today?

When I’m running code in codechef ide, sometimes it causes internal error, please fix it @admin, moreover probably there is some issue in server, codechef is taking time to load.
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Whenever there is a long contest, I have to refresh around 5 times to load the website. It takes me ~15minutes to reach the contest page. Fine, I agree that college net isn’t the best always, BUT STILL! I face such issues everytime some contest is being hosted. :confused:


@neilit1992 as we see in Codeforces, TopCoder and in SPOJ when we submit our code they put the code in the queue. They execute submissions one-by-one. We don’t see that on CodeChef. So I think that internal error happens because of more than one submissions at the same time for a single problem, I usually face that error too. Only today I faced same “Internal error” on the homepage, APRIL17 rankings page, my profile page and right after submitting a solution on CodeChef online IDE.

Yes. This is a big problem. Even though I have 1GBPS speed. Today, I was/am doing Google Code Jam. I was using the codechef ide for it. If you would have participated in it, u would know that we will be given a input for 4 mins and we have to upload the source code, compute the output and submit that output in 4 secs otherwise we get a penalty like a wrong answer. Because of this lagging, I got 1 Penalty. I couldn’t submit in that 4 mins.


Since evening I’m facing this problem… :frowning:

I’m talking about homepage ide, facing problem out there…

I’m also talking about homepage IDE, and yes facing problem in almost all pages of CodeChef.

Big problem, n ideone isn’t secure!

@neilit1992 why isn’t ideone secure? You can use private instead of public or secret. I chose ideone only as the codechef ide had problems.

Why don’t you use your local compiler for contests such as CodeJam ?


I can use private I know, but mistakes do happen @mathecodician

@torque I use them for python. But for c++, I do want to use sublime text because it has problems with bits/stdc++.h and in editors like code-blocks, u can’t copy-paste the whole input like the format of google code jam.

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@mathecodician use atom editor it is like sublime text but much better, i too faced similar problem wth sublime text then switched to atom

@mathecodician, you have 1GBPS speed? Really… I mean seriously… do you really have?

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@neget has a very valid question.

1 GBPS…O_O Holy shit! That’s a ton of speed you got there :open_mouth:

Yes, I am not joking.

Although I have about 200 tabs open so the internet becomes slower.

Man I am not able to sleep :slight_smile: , Which ISP?