Anyone Get Interview Details about BNY Mellon Technology Intern Hiring Challenge'19

Hello, I was shortlisted but not get any details regarding further process.
Can anyone get it??


not yet …!!!

any update …!!! have anyone tried to contact them ???

got the mail yesterday about phone interview

how to prepare for BNY mellon technical interview?

kisi ka interview hua abhi tak???

Yes , one of my friends had interview with them . They asked him about bubble sort , joins(inner,outer etc…) in dbms and some basic concepts of OS like scheduling algorithms also some basic cp questions .

sounds good…but I don’t get any reply after the time slot mail…

Yes, I received a call and mail regarding the interview today. They are taking the interviews on different date and time slots. So its better to wait who have not received any mail regarding the interview yet.

So what they tell …interview kab hoga tumhara?

My Interview was today. Please ask if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

It was a nice experience. Quite easy.

Job scheduling, Sorting algos, Best sorting algo for large N, Inheritance vs Composition, Do you know Java and C, Brief yourself, Combinational algos, About BNY Mellon, Recursion vs Looping, Print Global & Local variable with same name, Check for palindrome - take input from stdin & explain, Implement fibonacci, Multithreading vs Single Threading and Which one to prefer.

nice, which time slot you choose?

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I chose 10 - 12 or 1 - 3. But they call you however, so, it is of no use.

can you tell me the name of recruiter??

Mohanalakshmi Ethiraj, What help will it do however, I think you are a good coder.

Hogya. Selected in the Technical Interview. :slight_smile:

you mean for HR round?

Same. Do you know when the internship starts tho? They said the hr will let me know but they haven’t yet.

yes, they told, they will mail the other proceedings in 10 days.

No. Next is HR Round, right?