Anyone received online assessment from ByteDance

Today, I received an online assessment link from ByteDance. can anyone tell me, which questions are asked? if anyone did this test before.


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I had given the test 1.5-2 months back. Problems were very easy, like basic graph problems/easy dp. There were total of 4 problems. I think you can even find the problems on gfg lol


Have you received any information about your result?

After 2 weeks, I haven’t even received Online assessment, applied via referral with decent background, seem like they are already moving with another candidate. How long did they take to send you OA?

I was applied 2 months before directly (without referral) for intern position. I Received mail yesterday for assessment.

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Thanks, wish you all the best, btw what office are you applying to? US or out of US, I am applying to both.

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welcome bro, but I was applied for the Singapore position.

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Not yet. Its been long now

how many questions did you solved?

Not good, I solved only 2 fully and one partially.

I think 2 + 0.5 is a very strong result
Did you pass the round?

I have not got any update yet.

I had solved 3/3 and its been 2 months, no mail/call. Now I don’t think they will call further. I don’t if they have freezed hiring or it it something else.

Applied since Nov 25th through referral, after one week, status got changed from “resume submitted” to “resume evaluation”, until now nothing has changed, no contact at all. I feel like BD is trying to hire way too many people and got way more many applications than they can handle. If they reject, at least they should inform us or the referrer.

What is your status on the website, has it been changed to “ended”?

Nah,still written Under Consideration

can u share the problems now?? if you have given the assesment.

Hey, did u complete the test? If yes then did u get any update for further process?