Anyone received test link of microsoft engage mentorship progrsm?

You will get this type of mail if not match with job profile. but I read Bhawna Garg post on linkedin she tell us to be positive about it those who have not got any mails.

and this mail is on 23rd may so we still have hope. fingerss crossed!!! be positive(not covid)!!!

@dhruv788 stay positive

Any update guys?? Because tomorrow the results will be out as of what I came to know. I also didn’t receive any test link neither any follow-up mail. What’s the case with us?

I think that was the only batch getting a chance. In a few days program will start


No not received yet
It is said that the results will be out today
Totally fcked up

Even now the application status shows in review for me. Is it the same for everyone who didn’t receive any follow-up mail?

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same with me!
It still in review

Yes. Did result come out?

@shoadevs if you know the result site link please check once. I don’t know if the results are out or not.

Is the result out? Did anyone receive any acception/rejection mail?

Any update anyone?

Now those who gave test are also waiting eagerly for update haha

anyone got any mail regarding result?

I saw that someone got around 12-13 I dont know what it means. Probably results are out.

you mean 12-13 people got the mail?

where you read that and did you got results ? please forward the link where you read that


Did anyone get the results/If yes were they via mail/careers page?

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are the results out??

Yes I have received an email for being selected in the mentorship program!