Anyone received test link of microsoft engage mentorship progrsm?

anyone received test link of microsoft engage mentorship program or rejection mail?


Not yet bro . Did you received ?

No not received but someone received rejection mail after applying coz they not eligible

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Did you receive it today??
I heard many people are receiving

Even I heard some people receiving the test link, where the test is on 3rd June. I did not receive any link :frowning:

check your spam folder

No I checked the spam as well but I didn’t get any mail
Can I know the subject line of the mail??

Yep, I received and it is scheduled for tomorrow.

Do you know anything about the pattern of the problems :sweat_smile:

It was just given the duration of the test and i.e. 45 mins. I am too searching for something so as to get idea but found nothing till now. :no_mouth:

I saw on a youtube video that their will be DSA based MCQ and maybe AI something but nothing more .

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Guys I still didn’t get the link can someone help me I check spam too…

do you know about the pattern of the test? is it difficult?

No I haven’t given yet

[June 4]
I did not get any test link brothers. Can I expect a test link or not ?

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I think that the test will be taken in slots as there are so almost 12000 applicants for it, If you receive and link then keep us updated

I read on the test page that result will be announced on 9th June :sweat_smile:

Does that mean that that was final test and selections will be based on only those students?