Anyone received test link of microsoft engage mentorship progrsm?

Can I know how did you raise the ticket? Did you mail them? If so, could you share the mail id?

In support but they would give same response. Lets just try to forget that we ever applied for this.

I have seen this link on linkedin
And its written in the website that those who didnot recieve this link are considered to be not selected

here is the link. Support | Microsoft Careers

read it properly it is written about commencement of the challenge not about the test.

still :roll_eyes: :expressionless:

Dont give me hope :rofl:

thats a closure finally

You can check here if you are qualified or not

Any ways I not knw how to make Microsoft Teams Clone so i coud not have done well for hackathon so i not mind getting rejected

obviously, it will give error. application is still in review!!! I am obsessed now!

It clearly written if u r not qualified it will give error

test k bina to qualify kese honge bhai, check karne ka koi matlab hi nahi hai, will give error

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I am still getting the same under review on Action centre.
Do Microsoft send the rejection mail too ??

how many selections happened this year? last year was about 1000+