Apart from coding---

Can anyone please suggest any usual,unusual activity to learn apart from practicing cp.
eg.(learning touch typing,writing blogs,doodling,etc…)

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If you are looking for something challenging , try to learn Vim.


I am looking for something useful. Any suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue:


Learn to solve Rubik’s cube if you haven’t.

Learn Japanese to become capable of watching :heart: anime :heart: without having to worry about looking at subtitles during interesting scenes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Try Writing some tutorials/ editorials. Or creating some problems. If you understand some topic very well, you shouldn’t have issues while doing these. If you face problems, there is still to learn something about the topics. :smile:

Quantum mechanics! It will blow your mind. Regarding CS, you can focus on topics related to quantum computing

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