Apologies for the shoddily written editorials

Hi all,

I am the editorialist for the June 2015 long contest. I have gotten many feedback about the poor quality of the editorials (and rightly so). I know many of you were eagerly waiting for the editorials and were disappointed because it was not detailed enough. I am sorry for letting you all down.

Unfortunately, due to tight time constraints (aka thesis deadline) I could not spend as much time for the editorials as I would have liked. That, and the fact that a couple of topics were either entirely new to me or I had never used them before (including, yes, FFT).

I will try to improve the editorials as and when I get time. If you have any improvements, you can also edit the editorial or comment there.

I will make sure I will have enough time if/when I become an editorialist again.

Again, sorry for the let down.


Hello, I have a small doubt : can an editorialist participate in the same contest ? I mean as you have submitted a solution for CHEFSTR yesterday and you are the editorialist for the same. So are you allowed to submit ?

@achaitanyasai Nope editorialists are not supposed to participate in contests (because they know all the solutions :slight_smile: ). I think I submitted there by mistake.

oh! and thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: