Apologies to djdolls

hey @djdolls,
the day before yesterday, I posted a blog here regarding your fast submissions in the long challenge. I was finding the guys from India who are getting the best ranks in Div1, and then I found you (table topper XD) I highly got fascinated by your profile, you were a 7 star for a very long time (and I hope you will regain it again). I clearly noticed at the same time that where people scared to do contest once they reach 7 stars, you were bravely giving both short and long challenges regularly.

Every time in the blog as well as the discussion I just mentioned that you must have been another id where you have already checked the submissions(I never mentioned I am 100% sure, I said you must be) but there come to some guys (your lovely juniors) and started mentioning about your achievements, but I never challenged your achievements, I already knew that you are one of the best CPer from India, before writing to that blog anything, first I carefully searched about you, I checked you on CF as well, and wherever I can find you.

I clearly know that you are the GOAT(greatest of all time) from India then why I would challenge you for the case of cheating. and talking about the cheating @truly_great talked about only cheating done by Koreans definetly not you. I was busy in something else yesterday due to which I was not able to reply your junior that we were talking about the cheating case of koreans not you and before I could reply, post was withdrawn by the admin(as usual, nothing great)

If my post hurted your sentiments, I apologize for that

Thank you

@truly_great @ssrivastava990 @samarth2017 @jitha_lol @vaibhavgadag @akshitm16 @codemastercpp @tamo11 @cubefreak777


This is nice. I will throw mud on someone just because why not? My blood boils when I see someone better than me showing off his skills. When proven wrong I will just say sorry and get away with it. Next time I will pick someone else and do the same because I dont have anything else to do.

Also to whom you are fooling in the name of Apology? This doesnt even looks like an Apology letter.


please show me where earlier I have thrown mud to great coders like YOU?

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