Apology for cheating

Hi Guys,
I wish to say I really sorry for cheating in the May long challenge,
I’ve been using Codechef since about 2018, and since then I have made a lot of progress in my programming journey. About a month back, I reached a goal I had set for myself a long time ago, to reach 3 stars. After reaching this goal, I made the extremely bad decision to start a rated competition when I didn’t have the time to finish it. This lead to the even worse decision of attempting to plagiarize code from a youtube channel. I am very sorry for this and there is no valid excuse for this behavior.
The goal of this post is not to gain sympathy or appeal the decision, I wanted to again apologize for this behavior and this will never happen again. I will continue to improve and use this platform how it is supposed to be.

Sincerest Apologies,

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I can’t speak for everyone, but I am glad to read your apology. Be aware that we humans are creatures controlled by habits. The worst thing you can do is form habits that will harm you in the long run. Skipping study sessions by cheating or taking shortcuts will not do you or others any good.