Apology for misconduct

Hey all,
After the gruesome posts made today, I’ve come forward to give an apology.

Firstly to @karangreat234 - I am extremely sorry for the personal attacks I made against you. Everyone makes mistakes, and this mistake of mine is more grave than the one I accused you of. I never meant to go personal and keep no resentment against you. I realize my faults, in both todays post and last years, on how I personally attacked you. Maybe, I should have gone on the issue and not the person involved.
Thus, I apologize, for both my posts and posts that were inspired by me, that promoted hatred towards you.

Next to Codechef - I am sorry for the posts that I made, criticising Codechef and accusing it falsely of not handling Karans case. I was harsh and downright wrong in my posts about CC and apologize for whatever chaos I’ve caused. I never intended to target Codechef and am sorry for any posts that may have seemed insulting or challenging to CC.
I also apologize to @vijju123 for making discuss a complete mess and wasting his precious time by making him sort the issues created.

I apologize for the misconduct of myself, @dsar007, @aggu_01000101 and the other trollers for insulting Codechef and/or Karan. We promise not to do it again and shall be diligent henceforth while on the discuss platform.


Since meme thread was closed I’m commenting here, I went through the comments targeting a guy is bad …If you feel (anyone) that there is cheating going on or something unfair you can report to the admin but doing such thing is totally unacceptable.No one gives f**k about what someone is doing if cheating than report as simple as that.
The thread was awesome but you guys make that close. This is sad :frowning:

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Yup, I’d also like to apologise. I should have said what I did in a more appropriate environment. I’d like to apologise to CodeChef and those who were enjoying the thread. I will remove all of my comments and perhaps start a new thread addressing it in more sophisticated manner.

That being said, I stand by my statements. I think the majority of users on this platform work tirelessly to improve their skills. While user rating is not the end goal, it’s certainly an acknowledgement of our progress and ability. Being >5 star rated is a big deal, and it means a lot to us. It’s frustrating to see people have this rating without putting in the required effort.


Ngl the memes were creative and funny but i think if u want people to take your point seriously , a sophisticated post is a much better idea , you should do that.

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I too stand by my statements. However, it makes more sense to target the issue than the person, as it is indeed Cyber bullying.

That being said, I show no resentment in saying that Karan has got his rating through unfair means and yes, his increase in ratings would be the cause of others decrease, who have put in their genuine effort trying.

Also, this kind of plagging by people at the top of the rating graph is the cause for the huge error between one’s skill and ratings on cc, which directly or indirectly affects us.

However, I’d vouch against making another thread. I’ve spoken to the respective teams about these cases of cheating and yes, all cheaters get marked and hit by the plaghammer at one particular date. So, I’d urge you not to start another controversial topic insulting Karan.
However, it’s about time Karan removes the 6* tag from all his blogs and posts. Making money from your tutorials on medium is not our matter of concern, but the fact that you use your 6* profile to sell those tutorials is wrong, considering you’ve got those ratings by dishonest means.

I would also like to encourage people not to have a fan base around anyone. You wouldn’t realise it, but you idolize those people a lot and it is quite discouraging to find out your idol isn’t really worth the amount of glory attached to him.

I would also ask people to follow my lead and not get into personal fights with others on the platform again, as it’s both against the code of conduct and morally wrong to do so. :smiley:


It is very strange that Karan has so many followers and haters at the same time . I think you should not personally target him . If his ratings are dropped sometime in future (though i think it will take a lot of time , one of my seniors in had their ratings dropped for a plagiarism he did 1.5 years ago when he was 2* , now he had a 5* account)
If he is earning money on just being 6* on codechef then it will end as soon as his ratings are dropped. And if he is really a good CP coder then it will take maximum 2 months to get back to 6 ( 5 atleast).


let me analyze this
for one who brags there will always be haters…
he brags everywhere
even if he has to make a video…he will put 6* there
for every contest he will make posts on fb and insta…
so there are somany cheaters,but nobody cares
but if someone is cheating and also bragging then that might cause irritation to some people
thats what happened
and its a very nice gesture to apologize by infinitepro
so past is past …its good how u people resolved