Approach to become Good Programmer

@devanshug This is indeed a great answer and I hope that @msehgal can get the extra motivation he needed from it :smiley:

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thanx everyone… for such a wonderful response, I just meant to motivate @msehgal and provide him some instructions in competitive coding… Its good that it is useful to all of you… haven’t thought that the answer will be so acceptable… jst wanted to listen thoughts of other coders @bugkiller, @kuruma, @junior94, @vineetpaliwal, @anton_lunyov, @betlista, @cyberax, @bit_cracker007(Sorry, I forgot to mention your name) to this question, but I dont knw why this question is closed and I dont knw how to start it again… :frowning:

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now it is open again @devanshug

Now its open :smiley:

three things really amazed me about your story… 1. you first coded at an age of 8/9 year… I just saw some Visual Basic Programs at that age but never tried to write one… I actually started coding at an age of 14 in Java… I never studied C++ (though my college heavily focus on it)… 2. it was Python which brought u back in programming world… which is my favorite… its actually because of Game Programming, I first learned Python… 3. last but not at all least, A “girl” introduced you to competitive programming… 1 in 100 cases that would ever happen


@devanshug, and about 1/10000 she would love me back… Nontheless, she means a lot to me and she knows it, and, as I said, it’s amazing what codechef can do… Also… Hope is the last thing to die :smiley:


I also owe a lot to codechef, codechef gave me a purpose and motivated me to go even further… I can’t express how much I love coding, I put a lot of heart into everything I write, no matter how small or insignificant it is… Being able to share that with other people is something that I will be always thankful for…


@devanshug there’s nothing I can add besides what I’ve said a lot of times, even if I did, your answer is detailed enough…

thank you guys some wonderful replies… @Devanshug and @kuruma

I’m glad you found it helpful @msehgal :slight_smile:

some amzaing answers here… hope to see more from the community.

learn java …get cool tutorials…
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@kuruma, Where is she now? What happened to your love story?

@haccks sometimes it is best not to learn that both Romeo and Julietta committed suicide for their love. just keep in mind that they would commit suicide if it is necessary :wink:

This link will really help you for learning compititive programming

@haccks, sadly, she sort of… “disappeared” from Codechef and stopped replying to my texts… Maybe she’s just busy with uni, but, it still saddens me a lot when I think about it…


@kuruma, Great story, you are an inspiration to all those who want to contribute to this codechef community!

@ v_akshay, Thanks for enjoying reading it!! Sadly, I think that my performances in contests aren’t still very good when compared to how much I love this community and programming… but, as I said, having to learn everything “alone” and being busy with univ really doesn’t leaves me much free time to dedicate to competitive programming… But, I’ll keep learning as much as I can


@kuruma, But you said that she is your FB friend ? Didn’t you tried to contact her ? I can see last she participated in long NOV13 on Code Chef.

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Sometimes while doing we don’t get answers of our questions and doubts either because they may seem very easy or foolish asking. What to do and how to approach in that case…?!!