Approximate Date for INOI-2022?


In 2016/17/18, INOI took place in early-January; but in 2019/20/21, the dates kept changing. -

Exam Year Exam Date
2016 10th Jan.
2017 8th Jan.
2018 7th Jan.
2019 27th Jan.
2020 12th Jan.
2021 28th Feb.

Does anyone know an approximate date for INOI-2022? I am asking bcoz this year I will be having an exam (with customizable date) and I would prefer their dates don’t crash (If INOI & my test date crashes, I’ll set my test date to some other day).


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Thanks! Any approximate dates or no idea yet?

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@socho might know.
The covid scene makes everything so uncertain. :unamused:

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Alright, lets wait : )

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Hey is there any current discussion going on for inoi now that the date is announced?

You can join the INOI 2022 discord server, if that helps. It was just made, but eventually I suppose there might be discussions there. Especially about the expanded syllabus and updated format.

Here you go: (removed)

Please message me on Discord/Codeforces and I will add you to the main server.

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And sorry for not replying earlier

@socho What happened to the server? I joined and was verified, but it strangely disappeared today. Was it deleted?

Yeah I think it was deleted. It disappeared on my side too

Do you guys know where can I get the test cases zip file for the past INOI problems??

There is only one way and that is if you participated last year and you remember your user id and password

@codebrain11 @aaryan_123 please message me on discord/codeforces, and I’ll add you to the main server. Apologies for the inconvenience!