April long challenge

What might be the reasons for floating point exception(core dumped)?
PS: I haven’t used division in the code

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Look for overflow if div. not used.

I checked the same bro, but found nothing.

If it’s not ongoing contest then can you share your code

you may using mod operator without handling zero

I didn’t get it. Can you please elaborate?

Actually the contest is ongoing. The question is of April long challenge.

I didn’t get it. Can you please elaborate?

If you do x%0 somewhere, it may be a variable with value 0.

I have only used %(10^9+7) in the code.

tho not a appropriate thread to discuss …but why ranks are falling like water fall this long challenge

Yeah infact i was surprised that total number of Accepted solution for REBIT is more in division 2 then division 1.


Plagiarism at its peak in this long.


Yesterday I read a post on discuss where someone is saying that he is caught in plagiarism in August Long last year still his rating not drop.
This make cheaters think that their rating will not drop beside how much they cheating do.
Why codechef take so much long time for dropping rating??
@vijju123 why it is so ?


I have only used %(10^9+7) in the code.

Limit for long long int is 10^19. Maybe somewhere value is going beyond that. Or maybe you have used int or long int.

I have used long long for that